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Our Services

Leumit Start offers you access to the unique assets of Leumit Health Services. From our professional physicians and innovation experts, through Leumit's 20 years of high quality EMR data, and to our top talented researchers and clinical trial sites with Leumit's Research Institute.  To better understand the process of contracting with us, the SLA we are committed to and estimated costs, click here.

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Design Partnership

Our professional physicians and innovation experts have years of experience they can share with you. From better understanding the problems and needs, and then properly defining and targeting your solutions, through planning your research and pilot stages and designing processes and tools that will fit real-life health care professionals' challenges, while avoiding unnecessary obstacles in your way.​

Leumit's Data Infrastructures

Leumit's 20 years of high quality EMR data can be the foundation for your AI modules or algorithms:

  • Our data access policies are flexible and open, while being responsible and controlled.

  • 20 years of electronically documented medical records - 9.2 million visits per year, in our self-developed EMR “Tamar”.  "Tamar" is a central EMR from day one - one database, plus one instance of business logic, equals one version of the truth.

  • Our own Research Institute and Helsinki Committee (IRB) for quick response and high-quality research.

  • De-identification mechanism to save our customers privacy without derogating the meaning of the data.

  • Leumit’s Virtual Lab Rooms Infrastructure - You'll bring your own tools (and license) and we'll supply a strictly secure access from everywhere to a controlled virtual lab room.

  • We use Mdclone for ultra-fast queries and for generating synthetic data where possible, to accelerate research while maintaining patient privacy.

  • Leumit established a unique data merge cooperation with Sheba hospital (one of the leading hospitals in the world), in which researchers can explore a whole therapeutic sequence between community and hospital.

Want to learn more? Explore our Basic Data Catalog to find out what kinds of data are available for research and development. 

Data Infrastructures

The Ultimate Challenge: Integration

Throughout the years, we have developed a variety of tools to support integration processes with third parties and partners: 

  • Hundreds of REST APIs that expose all the EMR business logic.

  • Stay safe in the Cloud: Leumit’s Patients Tokenization System provide a comprehensive and secure way to store real PHI data in the cloud.

  • Easily authenticate patient in your app by using Leumit’s patients authentication system (OpenID Connect based).

  • Easily authenticate employees in your Physician/Therapist system using Azure SSO for Medical staff authentication.


Research Institute

Leumit's research institute is growing and dynamic and includes researchers, physicians, epidemiologists, public health experts and data analysts. In our studies, we collaborate with startup companies, academic institutions, healthcare providers and pharmaceutical companies in various fields:

  • Healthcare policy studies

  • Epidemiology

  • Medication treatment

  • Acute and chronic diseases management

  • Products and devices development

  • Measuring quality in health care and quality improvement projects

  • Beta site for novel and innovative medications and technology

We have experience of leading studies in chronic diseases and chronic medications, fragility, multimorbidity and polypharmacy, prediction and healthcare services research. The research institute has access to the well-organized medical database of Leumit Health Services which covers more than 20 years of electronically documented medical records. The longitude data enables analyzing diseases and medication patterns in a wide range of epidemiological studies.

The research institute assists our partners with the preparation of study protocols, submission of study papers to the IRB committee and the institute for approval, statistical consultations, recruitment of qualified team members for the clinical trial site, and utilizing the database to simplify patient recruitment.

The integration chalenge
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