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Leumit Start

Leumit Start is Leumit Health Services innovation and digital health unit. We believe that innovation in healthcare is the most effective way to improve quality of care, operational process, physician to patient ratio, and as a result create a more efficient and sustainable healthcare system.
We aim to encourage Innovation in the HealthTech industry by supplying responsible and reasonable access to de-identified high quality clinical data, clinical consultancy, clinical trials and more.

Leumit Start
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Leumit Health Services

Leumit Health Services is one of four national health funds in Israel and provides medical coverage to 720,000 customers country wide with more than 8.7 million electronically documented medical visits per year.

To fulfill its patient's medical needs, Leumit employs over 2,200 physicians and over 3,000 medical & administrative staff members, across 330 clinics and 140 pharmacies nationwide.


Leumit operates one of the most advanced Digital Health services in Israel:

  • Leumit was the first in Israel to offer a planned scheduled video visit with the patient personal Doctor (Jan 2019) , and the first to supply shipping prescription drugs directly to the patient home (Nov 2019)

  • Leumit offers its customers remote physical examination using Tyto, full personal pregnancy tracking app, digital triage at Telemedicine center, remote Patient monitoring and more.

Healf Services
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