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World's First Clinical Data Self-service Portal

Leumit Start introduces Pay & Research, the game-changer in EMR preliminary data access. Get started with your POC in just two working days with our revolutionary Self-Service portal. 

Obtaining medical data for research and development purposes is a time-consuming and expensive process. It takes up to six months or more from the initial meeting to receive the data, and the costs start at hundreds of thousands of NIS. 

To address this challenge and enable you a preliminary access to EMR data, we developed Pay & Research, the world’s first Self-Service portal where you can access a wide synthetic EMR data of about 130,000 patients (just a portion of Leumit's EMR population), within two working days. 

Ready to revolutionize your R&D?

  1. Visit:

  2. Register and tell us your research goals (we promise confidentiality)

  3. Quick Zoom call within 2 days – let's get to know you!

  4. Pay $2,600 + VAT online – it's that easy (price may change)

  5. Get your private research room within 10 minutes

  6. Download synthetic data with a click and start your research


Not sure yet? Browse the FAQ on our website or contact us.

Successfully finished your POC with Pay & Research? Want to take the next step to full-scale research on all of Leumit's de-identified EMR data? Contact us

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